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July 19, 2012


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Jorge L. Villalona

I firmly believe that if a Constitutional right is VIOLATED, no matter when or how it was violated...it was violated. And, what is hapening concerning to Padilla, Chaidez and so others its just matter of justice....and I meant JUSTICE. What the Supreme Court did regarding the matter was to LIGHT UP the ABUSING ACTIONS that for DECADES the BIA and INS have been committing againts non-citizen, especialy for its full legal residents;separating families, must of them us childen and wifes. What hapened on padilla case was just a matter of justice, where two Constitutional rights were violated. Same hapened with Roselva Chaidez....so what's the argument? Constitutionally speaking, the Supreme Court held the right decision, an so it will when decide on Chaidez.---- Padilla came out on 2011, but the ABUSE had been commiting way back FOR DECADES !!!.... STOP THE ABUSE !!!...EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL

Nicholas J. Wagoner

Yes it did. The Fourth Circuit understandably avoided taking a side on the issue in light of the Supreme Court's forthcoming decision. In addition to reporting on issues at the district court and intermediate appellate court levels, our blog frequently covers issues awaiting Supreme Court review.


The Supreme Court has already granted certiorari in Chaidez v. U.S. to decide the new rule/retroactivity question in the wake of Padilla.

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