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April 17, 2012


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Nicholas J. Wagoner

Jane, thanks for reading. You can find Part 2, entitled "Ross Guberman's Short List of the Nation's Top Judges," here: http://www.circuitsplits.com/2012/04/ross-gubermans-short-list-of-the-nations-top-judges-part-2-of-3.html. You can find Part 3, entitled "Ross Guberman on 'Certworthiness,' Charlie Sheen and the Serial Comma, and More," here: http://www.circuitsplits.com/2012/04/ross-guberman-on-certworthiness-charlie-sheen-and-the-serial-comma-and-more-part-3-of-3.html.

Jane Arthur

He gives some very good points here, I’m learning a lot already. But I’m most intrigued about how Charlie Sheen could help in remembering when to punctuate sentences with serial commas. Where does he discuss this? Where can I find parts 2 and 3 of this interview?

Nicholas J. Wagoner

Thanks Bob, I think you will really enjoy tomorrow's post. And for that matter, Friday's post about what actor Charlie Sheen can teach us about the Oxford comma.

Bob Mabry

Sounds good so far. Look forward to reading the subsequent posts.

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