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February 22, 2012


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Ed Malouf

Before ANYONE should comment of the STOLEN VALOR ACT, they should read ALL the provisions in that act. How could our Congress pass such trash. They weren't thinking. When you read it, note that it violates the RIGHT of free speech for those "honest" medal recipients for which the act was intended. For example: an "honest" medal recipient cannot send medals by mail, or any other public service, such as UPS, or FEDEX. Bill Burkett, author of the book STOLEN VALOR, and is a Viet Nam veteran, exposed over 1,200 "WANABES". If just this ONE MAN can do all of this, whats wrong with the Pentagon? If they kept up-to-date, accurate records of medals awarded, and should a "WANABE" lie abut his military record, Ask him to sign a sworn, signed statement under penalty of perjury, then prosecte if his/her claim proved under the perjury laws to be false. The investigation could be carried on by one of our service units, such as the Air Force O.S.I.. I lay responsibiity for this sad debacle on the Medal Awards Unit of the Pentagon.

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